Friday, August 31, 2007

Loosing myself....

I need an organiser. I need time out. I need to breath!!
I feel overworked. Overwhelmed.
I had to cancel three appointments last evening (yes, I somehow thought I could fit in 3 appointments in one evening) because I ended up working really late. So one appointment is set for today lunch (meaning no lunch for me), the other for today evening (meaning my Free-Friday's shot to hell) and the other one is postponed to infinity (meaning I have to create time one day soon to make up for it). Bloody hell, when did I get this busy?
And what should/can I do to stop it?
I was texting a pal trying to get organised for tomorrow then I realised my schedule is something akin to the following: early morning dash to the salon to get the Thing-That-Once-Was-Hair in some semblance of order and if I am to beat the rush I have to get in early, say 8, 830ish. Meaning getting up one hour earlier. This on a Sato morning. Then mad dash back to the opposite side of town - Westlands - to get my utility bills sorted because next weekend I am.....yep, out of town again - otherwise I will be boiling eggs using the sun. Then meet landlord to sort out my rent. Dash back home to change and get - try getting - all prim and pretty. Print our agenda for meeting (reminder: buy ink cartridge some time before this) and back to town for a meeting at 2pm. Hopefully done by 3pm latest. Dash out whether or not we are done for a wedding somewhere in ngong (hence the primming up) where I am - yes, an usher. A very late one but an usher nonetheless. So, I will be on my feet half the time and all the way till evening. Where again I cannot disappear from the evening do because I was missing from the bridal shower which I'd helped organise because I was in Mara. Almost got eaten alive for that. Hopefully I will be able to get away at a godly hour. Sunday morning expecting a client at 9ish, fundi at 10ish and since I've been out of town, laundry must get done lest I am forced to show up in the office in my knickers (twould do the old geezers at the office some good but not a good idea in this weather). And I have not shopped for so long I borrowed salt from my neighbour this week! So major shopping needs to be worked in there somewhere. Then clande has been on my case recently and after three rainchecks, dude's getting impatient. I can bet I will get a call this Sunday. Now, considering that I need to get kissed before the week is out, I somehow need to fit him in somewhere - I am thinking Sunday afte (reminder: check if I need to shower).
So! Where does that leave space for quiet relaxation??? And to think I am single. What happens when people get hitched and babies come along?
Phew. I needed that. Maybe if it's down in writting then it will be possible to get it all done.
Fat chance.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I came clean...

Yes I did. I figured it would haunt me for a while if I lied about taking Friday off so I came clean....sort of. And I am glad for it. Because Mara kicked. Plain and simple. And despite the fact that I was in recluse-mode; that's when I do not have the heart to really socialise or make new pals so I have this aloof air all around me. I love to do that sometimes because it allows me to just be. Me, myself, my thoughts and nature. Very calming.
But this post aint about Mara - that's one I want to do with pics and all, and I still haven't figured out how to post pics via email. I know, I have so many other posts pending - like Rhino Charge! - I think I am throwing in the towel on those and starting afresh. Clean slate and all.
This post is about a discussion I had over the weekend that really boggled my mind. It's about a couple that got married about three years ago - that aint new. It's about a couple that decided to wait till they got married to get intimate - that's not new too. It's about a couple that shared their first, their very first, very very first real kiss at the alter. Now, that knocked me down! What??? Why???
Am I overreacting here? I will be the first to confess, and I think I have admitted this before - I enjoy kissing. I adore it. Hell, I think I'd trade an arm for a toe tingling, shivers-down-me-spine, heart thumping, stomach clenching kiss if it was the last thing I'd do before I die. And the mystery of that first kiss? The unknown qualities? Like will he kiss softly, tenderly, like a butterfly. Or a quick peck. Or has he watched too many soaps and will go at it like he's drilling for oil down my throat? Will he tantalise, tease, make me wait almost in agony for that first touch or will he swoop in like a thirsty man for water? Will he cup my face in his hands, tilt my face up, or will he trail his fingers down my spine like Yanni composing another aria. Will he be silent, or will he groan, moan or whisper? Whisper my name? Will he lick my lip, or nibble my lower lip? Yumm yum. I am getting kissed before this week is out! 
Anyway, like I was! To wait to have all those questions answered in the presence of a crowd consisting my parents and his!!! I cannot for the life in me imagine being in a relationship or liking someone or being attracted to someone and never sneaking one minute of heaven! More so because having been there and done that, I know for a fact that there's some out there that almost made me swear off the habit for life! So, why would I wait till after I am tied down for life, literally, to find out if its a sneak peak of heaven or a quick ticket to celibacy. Would you?

Disclaimer: No offence or tribalism intended here! The joke's too funny though....
Three women worked in the same office with the same female boss. Each day, the boss left work early. One day, the women decided that when the boss left they would leave too. After all, she never called or came back to work, so how would she know they went home early? 

The kikuyu was thrilled to be home early. She did a little gardening, had some playtime with her son, and went to bed early.

The jang'o was elated to be able to get in a quick workout at the spa before meeting a dinner date. 

The kao was happy to get home early and surprise her husband. But when she got home, she heard a muffled noise coming from inside her bedroom. Slowly and quietly, she cracked open the door and was mortified to see her husband in bed with her boss! Gently, she closed the door and crept out of her house.
The next day, at their coffee break, the kiuk and jeng said they planned to leave early again, and they asked the kao if she was going to go with them.
"No way," she said. "I almost got caught yesterday!" 

Monday, August 20, 2007

How do I skive?

I need to disappear this Friday. I am not sure whether I can ask for the day off. I am actually sure there's a 95% chance I will be turned down .
Why? Because I am practically in charge of an entire department right now. Mhmm, come to think of it, I am in charge of one half of the office. Have been since the start of this month with the mdosi off galavanting overseas for his annual leave. It's hard work. It's also uplifting to know I can be entrusted with this level of responsibility.
Then it's tiring. I need a break. Ergo (always wanted to use/ misuse that word since The Matrix!) the need to skive. I want to go to Mara this weekend. For the Wild Beeste migration. Only thing is the group leaves town on Friday morning. I am expected in the office on Friday. So far I haven't scheduled any meeting for Friday and I do not intend to for obvious reasons.
Only thing is how to get out of coming to the office. I find it hard to lie. Half an hour lie I can hack - full day on a Friday is another story. What excuse should I cook up? There's no way to say I am going on a holiday (much as I really need it).

This is a priceless snap of my feet this past Saturday. I walk into a pals house - remove my shoes and putter all over the place only to realise hours later I had on mismatched socks!!! I thought mismatching socks was a domain left to men? This is proof of my current frame of mind, hence the need to take a break. It is also a test to see if I can post photos on posts done via email.


An old man and his wife were sitting in bed watching a T.V. evangelist and the evangelist said, "To those of you at home watching if you have any part of your body that causes you discomfort then place one hand on the T.V. and the other on that part of your body"

Well the old woman had been having some troubles with her stomach. So she placed one hand on the T.V and the other on her stomach. She looked at her husband and he had one hand on the T.V and the other down his pants.

She looked at him and said: "My dear he's healing the sick, not raising the dead!"


Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday....

These are the vagrancies of blogging via email. This blog should have appeared last weekend! On Sato in particular!

Oh well, Happy Belated Birthday Baba Boi - you are the greatest. I am sure you had a good one. And it's lovely to have you back home.

Oh, and many many thanks for my new baby! I will take care of her with all the tenderness and love in me...hehehehe